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The Event Crashers can take on various roles at YOUR function. Which could be EVENT CO-ORDINATOR, CHEF, WAITER/WAITRESS, SECRET GUEST etc. who play out their role, organising, serving and chatting to your guests for approximately 1-2 hours prior to the surprise reveal.
Your guests will have NO idea of what's about to happen!
At a certain point in proceedings a presentation will take place, at which point the cat is out of the bag and one by one the "Event Crashers" reveal their true identity to the surprise of everyone around them!
Your guests will be AMAZED at this "Impromptu" show! The performance includes well known CLASSIC Songs and VOCAL HARMONY tailored to your Event and Guests. This  show never fails to leave a smile on their faces and they'll be talking about YOUR event for a long time to come.
?What happens at the finale?
                          we don't give away all our secrets! ?
"Make YOURS the event
everyone is talking about!"
Whats Included:
The Event Crashers will liaise with your venue
and do a pre-check prior to your event.
Professional sound equipment with sound technician will be installed
and will be available for background music appropriate to your event.
A microphone will also be available to YOU for speeches
& presentations etc. (This is all part of OUR service to you)
The Event Crashers will infiltrate your event
and work for 1-2 hours prior to the "Reveal" in character
to engratiate themselves with your guests.
An amazing performance of 35-45 minutes.
Your guests will be talking about YOUR Event
for a long time!
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